Turismo Valencia to stage ‘cuina oberta’ once again in the autumn

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The participating restaurants, who served around 6000 “Cuina Oberta” meals, have expressed their complete satisfaction with the organization of the event and are committing to a new week of special rates.


The excellent reception afforded the ´Valencia Cuina Oberta-Restaurant Week` by the public and the highly positive opinions of most of the participating establishments have lead Turismo Valencia to confirm that a new edition of the event will be organized this autumn. The initiative, the first of its kind to be held in Spain, consisted of offering special menus priced at €18 (lunchtimes) and €30 (evenings) for an entire week.
According to the results of a survey carried out by the Foundation, the 52 restaurants involved served 6000 Cuina Oberta menus during the week from the 15th to the 21st of June, amounting to a economic value of nearly 180,000 Euro. The greatest demand was registered at midday, as over 3860 meals were served at lunchtime. This study also showed that the general assessment of the participating establishments was 100% ‘good or excellent’, with a similar evaluation given to the dates selected for the event.
Similarly, 83% of the establishments have been described as “good or excellent” in relation to the material employed and their reservation systems, while the meals themselves received a similar evaluation from 93% of those consulted.
Turismo Valencia launched this initiative, the first of its kind in Spain, in order to stimulate tourism in the city and to promote the hotel and catering sector at the same time. According to the Foundation’s Managing Director, Jose Salinas, these objectives have been achieved and the expectations of the participating restaurants have also been met. “The staging of a second edition of this event next autumn, a possibility which we had already considered before its launch, is a new opportunity to raise the city’s visibility and a chance to revitalize the local food sector”.
Salinas explained that during the first week of Valencia’s “Cuina Oberta” promotion, Turismo Valencia accompanied different international press groups in sampling meals in some of the participating restaurants. Many of the journalists revealed that they will publish reviews about “Cuina Oberta” in their respective media outlets before the celebration of the second event takes place. “Thus, the British and Italian press will cover the second “Cuina Oberta” week in Valencia and encourage tourists to visit the city by highlighting the charm of its food, one of our best promotional features”, he added. In concluding, Salinas said that the dates for the second edition of the ´Valencia Cuina Oberta-Restaurant Week` will be announced after the summer.

Success in the Tourist Offices, on the Internet and on Facebook During “Cuina Oberta”, it was reported that 5600 visitors were provided with information about the event through the Valencia Tourist Office Network, which became fully involved in the initiative. Internet users also supported the launch of the first edition of “Cuina Oberta”, with reviews of the event appearing on leading blogs and food portals and a Facebook fan club with more than 800 followers mainly, from Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid.
The webpage created especially for the event, www.valenciacuinaoberta.com registered more than 12,500 website visits in just over one week, an average of 1400 daily visits, with most visits on Friday 19th, on the eve of the weekend reservations.

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On 19 August, 2009

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