The Seu-Xerea restaurant is presenting its own unique vision of the world as seen through the optic of cuisine.

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What is Psycho-Sens?
Since opening in 1996, Seu-Xerea’s unmatched gastronomic experience has struck a chord with a discerning public in Valencia. Psycho-Sens is a natural extension of its ongoing philosophy. The core essence is still food, but we are taking it a step further. The idea behind the event is to recognise the role all the senses have to play in the pleasure of eating. Diners will be immersed in a whole plethora of sensations. Lighting, images, sounds, fragrances and spectacle will take the experience beyond a merely gastronomic level, raising it to a magical, unrepeatable dimension.

What does Psycho-Sens consist of?
Guests will arrive at Cartuja del Ara Christi by their own means or by coach. Cocktails will be served while actors mingle with the crowd to create a mysterious and provocative atmosphere.

At 9:30 we will move into the cloister (covered in case of rain) where we will share tables seating 10. Dinner will then begin to be served, with the dishes representing the different elements in this singular view of the world: “Natura”, “What Remains of the Sea”, “Terra”, “Mediterranea”, “A Not Too Distance Future”, “Love” and “Sex”.

Each course will be preceded by a preamble, a short spectacle anticipating what is to be tasted. The dishes are coupled with a series of images screened around the cloisters, enveloping the guests in a multi-sensorial experience. The dinner will rise in crescendo, culminating in a spectacle of music, acrobatics and fire.

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On 18 August, 2009

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