Treats to sweeten up Halloween in Valencia

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Valencia’s patisseries are already getting ready to sweeten up All Saints Day. For hundreds of years, huesos de santo, buñuelos de viento and panellets have been the typical sweets eaten to celebrate this festival in Valencia. The ingredients used to make them give a clue as to their Moorish origins. Huesos de santo are small marzipan fingers filled with egg yolks, which in the old days were sold at the gates of cemeteries. In the case of Buñuelos de viento it is said that for every one that you eat, a soul is released from purgatory. Panellets, made from marzipan and pine nuts, were handed out to churchgoers as they arrived to pray for the dead on the eve of 1 November. If you’re in Valencia over this period, make sure you try them…they’re all devilishly good!

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On 24 October, 2011

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