José Roldan, Chef and owner of Restaurante El Senyoret

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El Senyoret is located in front of the City of Arts and Sciences, on the ground floor of Hotel Barcelo Valencia. The restaurants dishes are simple, balanced and of a very high quality. Each day sees Chef José Roldan working on the preparation of a creative, Valencian and modern menu that is complemented with a daily lunchtime menu and a series of Gastronomic Workshops held each year. Roldan was one of the most voted chefs during Cuina Oberta and we’ve asked him to reveal the secret of his success.

How do you feel about the being one of the restaurants chosen by those that participated in Cuina Oberta?
It’s great motive to keep on working and striving to improve. Both the restaurant staff and the kitchen staff feel that their efforts and dedication have been rewarded.

What is the thing that you are most proud of in relation to this Award?
Our being one of the best considered restaurants during this edition of Cuina Oberta is the recognition of a Great Restaurant.

What do you think is the reason behind the success of the menu that you created for this edition?
The simplicity, balance and, at the same time, high quality of the raw materials employed in the making of each dish.

What is your opinion of Cuina Oberta?
The balance is very positive. Apart from our regular clients, we have received many new customers that have taken the opportunity to get know our restaurant and see for themselves that it is possible to prepare very good dishes at reasonable prices.

Do you thin k that people have responded positively to this initiative?
Yes, it’s great fun to participate in this kind of initiative and this has been reflected in an increase in the number of customers.

What would you say to those that voted fro you in Facebook?
Say something nice for them. We’re waiting for next edition with our pans ready.

Would you change anything for the next edition?
It might be a good idea to promote an edition each season, using seasonal produce.

How long has your restaurant been open in Valencia?
El Senyoret has been open since the Pope’s visit to Valencia (2006), In fact, the Pope, together with Cardinals from all lover the world, was able to sample our Valencian products.

Could you give us a brief summary of your career as a chef?
My career has been marked by a search for knowledge in different corners of Spain. I have worked in restaurants and 4- and 5-star hotels. I have never stopped studying and discovering new aspects and way to approach cooking.

Could you briefly summarize the cuisine that your restaurant offers?
We have a creative, Valencian and modern menu with tasty dishes that are complemented with a daily menu and a series of Gastronomic Workshops that we carry out each year.

What would you point out as a highlight of your career?
I have lived through some many highpoints…..however, more than anything the most important thing is that I still enjoy cooking as much as I did the first day.

Do you have any special memories or anecdotes?
Every day, when I’m in the kitchen, I remember a great friend of mine, a Head Chef, who died in a car accident.

Has anybody ever shown you their best culinary secrets?
Yes, my great mentor will always be Miguel Ayala, the head chef at Chaîne Rôtisseurs.

Which of your dishes would you recommend?
Sweet rice with boar and an air of Tempranillo.

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On 25 March, 2010

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