Bernd Knöller, Chef and owner of Restaurante Riff

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Knöller left Germany 18 years ago to up residence in Valencia and begin his career in the world of gastronomy. He claims that the city’s main attraction was the nearby Mediterranean and the climate. Curiously, his birthday is 19th March, the date which marks Saint Joseph’s Day and the burning of the city’s traditional “Fallas”, one of the most important days in the Valencian calendar. Although he does not hesitate when naming paella as his favourite dish, he has a wider vision of Valencian cuisine: “which is growing in prestige and has finally freed itself of the slavery imposed by the paella”.

When asked what led him to enter the gastronomic world, his answer is clear: the opportunity to be creative, to handle quality products and be his own boss. He goes on to claim that his experience in Valencia is unique and that the city can be compared to no other.

He has been welcomed with the unconditional support of the Valencians and the surroundings of a beautiful city free from the saturation of tourists, a city in which he can cycle through the Turia Gardens, lose himself with friends among the tapas bars to be found in El Carmen or simply enjoy the Ensanche neighbourhood.

What would he take as a souvenir to remember Valencia? Orange blossom.
He claims that his German compatriots adore the city’s attractive cuisine and our central market, the most beautiful in the world.

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On 15 October, 2009

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